This FREE, Live-Streamed Series Begins Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 7:30 pm EDT

When you think of addiction, your first thought might be related to drug and alcohol consumption, or even smoking. But today, many are impacted by behavioral addictions that can be just as destructive—like workaholism, pornography, or food obsession. Addiction affects everyone. It tears apart families, destroys livelihoods, and kills thousands of people every year.

Addiction tells us we will never be free, but that is a lie. There is hope, and you are not alone!

Each 1-hour episode in this series is filled with stories of hope and gives practical tools for addiction recovery. Whether you personally struggle with addiction, have a family member or friend that does, or just want to live a more fulfilling life, join us for this series. It could change your life.

Key benefits from attending this series:

  • Hear first-hand stories of hope and redemption
  • Understand why it is so easy to fall into addictive behaviors
  • Grasp God’s plan of hope and healing for the sick
  • Gain tools you & your family need to walk through recovery
  • Find peace & joy in your life today, free from the weight of addiction

This Series is Absolutely FREE!

  • Attend Online
  • Nightly Giveaways
  • Dedicated Q&A Time
  • Great Resources

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Thursday, September 7, 2023
at 7:30 pm EDT