Upcoming Topics

Friday, October 6, 7:00 PM

Can God be Trusted?

Bible Prophecy has predicted the rise and fall of nations with 100% accuracy. Today’s headlines point directly to last-day events prophesied in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Are these events truly the beginning of the end?

Saturday, October 7, 7:00 PM

Seeing the Signs

War, political strife, and pandemics dominate the news. Are these the signs the Bible predicted 2,000 years ago? We’ll examine the signs and look at the historical facts.

Sunday, October 8, 7:00 PM

Is There Hope for Our Planet?

Yes, there’s hope of peace in a world teetering on the brink of oblivion.

Tuesday, October 10, 7:00 PM

The Messiah and the Judgment

Ancient predictions about a Middle Eastern temple provide a road map for the future.

Wednesday, October 11, 7:00 PM

The Second Coming of Jesus

Coming soon: the greatest event in Earth’s history. It’s bigger than you think.

Friday, October 13, 7:00 PM

Peace on Earth