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Ancient Worlds of the Bible

Do Archaeology and the Bible agree? Discover incredible stories from the past and powerful prophecies for today. Explore archaeological evidence that supports prophecies delivered in the Bible. Discover the key to interpreting these ancient prophecies and find the answers about what is coming next.

Revelation Today

Does the book of Revelation speak peace in our time? Bible prophecy has predicted human history with 100% accuracy. Now its pages point to evidence that world-changing events are on the horizon. Pinpoint the signs that we are entering the last days of the book of Revelation, uncover the true identity of the Antichrist, and discover the message of hope and peace found throughout the Bible prophecy.

Creation vs Evolution

Culture and science seem to suggest that Creation is merely an antiquated religious belief that has no basis in reality. Are science and reason really opposed to a belief in a creator? Does Creation stand a chance in light of today’s understanding? How much do we really know about our origins? This seminar is designed for open-minded people who want researched answers to tough questions.

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