Prophecy Countdown

FREE Seminar Coming Live to Calhoun, GA
Begins Thursday, April 5, 2018

Prophecies from the Bible are unfolding in front of your eyes. Wars around the globe, governments in chaos, and hate filling our streets are all signs of cataclysmic events on the horizon. But the Bible saw it coming. Discover the 7 key prophecies of the Bible that offer hope in our world today.

Key Benefits

  • Understand why the world is falling into darkness.
  • Grasp God’s plan of hope for humanity.
  • Discover the evidence God will act soon.
  • Gain the tools you and your family need to survive the coming crisis.
  • Find peace and joy in your life today.

About the Speaker

Anthony Nix is an avid student of scripture. Known as a dynamic and engaging presenter, Anthony’s friendly personality enables him to speak to young and old of all faiths. You will enjoy hearing how he can make The Bible easy to understand in a practical and relevant way. Anthony comes from Columbus, Indiana, is Married to Nayeli and has three children. He also enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities. His desire is for you to experience an intimate connection with Jesus Christ.

This is a FREE EVENT for the Whole Community!

  • FREE Parking
  • FREE Child Care (ages 3–8)
  • FREE Study Materials
  • FREE Bibles

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Thursday, April 5, 2018
at 7:00 pm