Prophecies of Hope

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Begins Friday, September 13, 2019

With the world on the brink of economic ruin, political upheaval in Washington, and the decay of morals across America, people are looking to the future with fear and uncertainty. The Bible has predicted human history with 100% accuracy, and it tells us what is coming next. The books of Revelation and Daniel will dispel fears and give you a foundation for how you can prepare for upcoming world events. You owe it to yourself to find out what happens next.

Key Benefits

  • Make sense out of growing global turmoil
  • Discover the signs showing God will act soon
  • Find great peace today and security about the future
  • Understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation

About the Speaker

Lynnwood Spangler has been sharing his though-provoking prophecy seminar for over 20 years. His presentations have been heard throughout Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe, as well as many cities throughout the U.S. Join him as you walk step-by-step through Bible prophecies and their effect on the world today. Lynnwood’s powerful visuals make his presentation easy-to-follow and have helped thousands obtain a clearer understanding of world events from a biblical perspective. You will gain new insights in to life’s most pressing questions as you hear the clear, yet challenging prophetic perspectives which are vital to a more positive and vibrant experience in life. Each nightly presentation builds on the next as you gain a clearer perspective into the Bible’s most compelling books. This seminar is designed to appeal to anyone regardless of faith system or background. THE BIBLE WILL BE OUR GUIDE.

What People are Saying…

“I was desperately searching for peace. I knew the answers lay in the Bible, but I never read it. When I went to this seminar, it felt like an anvil was lifted off my back. It made a big difference in my heart.” —Jim
“This seminar answered all my questions, plus more questions I didn’t even know I had. I have hope now, because I know the end of the story.” —Cecille
“A very professional presentation. This seminar took ancient biblical truth and made it relevant for my life today. Jesus is more real to me as a result.” —Steve

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