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Despite horrific persecution, early Jewish Christianity spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The church gathered many adherents to the faith but would eventually sever its ties with Judaism. As the Roman Empire united with Christianity, its corrupting influence was felt throughout the Middle Ages. Was the Reformation enough to reform the church? Is Christianity ready to meet the Apocalypse? Will a completely new church emerge? Or is a new reformation needed? The answer lies in history.

Key Benefits

  • Understand why the world is falling into darkness
  • Grasp God’s plan of hope for humanity
  • Discover the evidence God will act soon
  • Gain the tools you and your family need to survive the coming crisis
  • Find peace and joy in your life today

Your Speakers

Pastor Edward Nelson has studied and lectured extensively on the prophetic scriptures. His passion is discovering the Messianic Gospel in the stories and history of ancient Israel. His lectures and discussions have been featured on television and radio. Pastor Nelson holds a Masters of Divinity.
Raised an atheist in communist Russia, Dr. Alexander "Sasha" Bolonikov experienced discrimination from religious and civil communities because of his jewish ethnicity. He responded by immersing himself within Jewish culture. He became a powerful opponent to the Christian teaching of Jesus as the Messiah—that is, until he met a commandment-keeping Sabbatarian who introduced him to the real Jesus—who grabbed him by the heart. Today he is a powerful speaker with a passion for biblical history and the relationship between Christians and the Jewish community.

What people are saying…

“I love the way Dr. Bolotnikov always shares the context. So much makes sense to me now. I understand how things in the Bible relate to each other. It’s really brought the Bible to life for me.” - Sonna
“Both Dr. Bolotnikov and Pastor Nelson take ancient biblical truths and make them relevant for today. Jesus is more real to me as a result.” - Denise
“I was desperately searching for peace. I knew the answers lay in the Bible, but I never read it. Then I went to one of Pastor Nelson’s seminars. It felt like an anvil was lifted off my back.” – Jim

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